Our Brand

Our journey began with a deep appreciation for tradition and quality. Inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Kyushu Prefecture, we embarked on a mission to share the exquisite flavors of our region with the world. Established over 152 years ago, our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering, ensuring that each bottle of Yamay Amakuchi soy sauce embodies the essence of time-honored craftsmanship.

What sets our product apart is not just its remarkable taste, but the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into every batch. Crafted using premium water sources unique to Kyushu, coupled with our proprietary koji culture and flavor enhancer, our soy sauce boasts a distinctive balance of sweetness and umami. It's this perfect harmony of flavors that makes Yamay soy sauce a versatile companion in the kitchen, whether you're dipping, marinating, or frying.

At our brand store, we invite you to experience the essence of Kyushu firsthand. Through captivating imagery, insightful storytelling, and immersive content, we aim to transport you to our picturesque corner of Japan, where tradition meets innovation in every drop of our soy sauce. Welcome to a journey of flavor, authenticity, and discovery.